Bench riveting machine with manual loading and mechanical ejection, designed for button assembly composed of multiple parts, where a metal part must be firmly attached to another type of material. Robustness, precision and highly developed force are the main characteristics of the FG-110 which, combined with extremely simple use and optimum silence when on, make it technically and, more importantly, economically advantageous for the production of these buttons.

Technical characteristics

Motor 220 Volts (380 Volts on request)
Power 0,5 CV
Hits per minute 20 to 100 with continuous adjustment
Force developed at 20 hits at 1’ kg 2800 approx.
Force developed at 100 hits at 1’ kg 900 approx.
6 position turntable Ø 300 mm
Weight kg 148 approx.
Max weight 46 x 79 x 107 cm

The machine is supplied with a protective casing and small table to rest the buttons on during work.